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Nothing represents the history of Montauk better than its fishermen. Montauk Seafood Company is owned and operated by two local fishermen, Wes Peterson and Doug Davidson.

As fishermen, we’ve always been spoiled with eating the freshest fish imaginable so we thought: why not bring that directly to the people we love in the town we love?

We opened our doors in 2020.

Run By Fishermen

Wesley Peterson
Wesley Peterson

Wesley Peterson, fourth generation local Montauker, grew up on the water in Montauk Harbor. As a little boy he caught snappers off the town dock and a short decade later, he was a captain on his own commercial fishing boat. Wes has relationships with too many hardworking fishermen to count.

Douglas Davidson
Douglas Davidson

Doug Davidson has been fishing since he could walk. He landed his first striped bass at age 5 that led him to Montauk. For the past ten years he’s worked on some of Montauk’s best-known commercial boats. He loves fishing for tuna in the Canyon, and living at the very end of the East End.